The Films of Stanley Kubrick

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After several topics that I have been running through my head for an idea for a blog, I have decided to start blogging on something that I've had a fond interest in since I was 9 years old. It may sound a little weird that a 9 year old would start to appreciate a Stanley Kubrick film but it something that I've never really had a proper conversation about with anybody.

Even going through High School and studied years in a media class, not many people (or none at all) in my classes had even heard of Kubrick. Despite this, I want to find people, whether it's online and in the flesh, to talk about him and his films. I'm hoping this blog will achieve that and I also hope that people who have never heard or are unfamiliar with the director can get some insight to each of his 13 films that he made in his 50 year career.

    Christiane Kubrick (left), Stanley Kubrick (middle) and Kirk Douglas ( right) on the set of “Paths of Glory” (1957).

    Christiane Kubrick (left), Stanley Kubrick (middle) and Kirk Douglas ( right) on the set of “Paths of Glory” (1957).

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